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Bosch integration packages

Bosch integration packages provide bundles of commands that help system developers integrate Bosch products with pre-integrated / pre-defined software. The Starter package is especially useful for entry level users while also offering a convenient resource for more advanced users.


Integration package

Typ Standard package Advanced package
Download Standard Integration package
RCP+ Commands for Standard Integration Package
Advanced Integration package
BICOM PTZ integration package
RCP+ Commands for Advanced Integration Package
Device ID - SW version; device ID; unit OEM name
Network settings network scan MAC address; IP / subnet / gateway / DHCP; network scan
Video get live video (RTSP); get/set video profile (resolution, FPS, bitrate); get/set camera/alarm stamping get live video (RTSP); number of video inputs/streams; supported coding; get/set video profile (resolution, FPS, bitrate); get/set camera/alarm stamping; basic picture settings
PTZ pan, tilt, zoom; get/set presets get PTZ capabilities; pan, tilt, zoom; get/set presets
Audio - on/off; select input; volume; number of inputs/outputs
Recording search; replay; export recording medium; search; replay; export
I/O - number of inputs; get/set inputs; number of outputs; get outputs
Events inputs; outputs; video states; Motion+; IVA events inputs; outputs; video states; Motion+; IVA events; video loss; recording status