Firmware archive


Please note:

Old firmware versions are not maintained and may hold vulnerabilities that were not known or identified at date of release.

Use of these firmware versions in productive systems may bear risks that need to be addressed by other measures.

Check release notes of later firmware versions - if available - for relevant fixes or restrictions.

Whenever possible, upgrade to the most recent version. Check for available updates regularly.


If you are looking for the latest firmware version for your device please follow the link to our Download Store.


Firmware Archive closed

Since data security receives increasing attention we have strengthened our security measures not only on our products but on providing firmware and software for download, too, for many years now and ongoing.

One recent step was the decision to provide only signed firmware for download from our DownloadStore.

Another step was to lock off public access to older firmware, which might be vulnerable, and provide access to our firmware archive only after successful registration with our Integration Partner Program extranet.

Changes in the infrastructure of our Internet offer cause the removal of the extranet and the correlated registration.

As we cannot revert our decisions regarding signed firmware and archive protection, especially with GDPR legislation soon becoming active, we are forced to switch off access to the firmware archive.

We are aware that we lessen convenience for our customers, integrators as well as sales and support staff.

Besides that, dedicated firmware versions that are required for specific other products, like BVMS, BIS, etc., are also available via our product catalogue. So this should not require access to our firmware archive.

Thank you for your understanding.