Bosch Video Management System


BVMS offers seamless, end-to-end integration with selected third-party cameras and storage.



BVMS customers can download camera updates free of charge, in order to integrate approved, third-party cameras. BVMS scans for third-party cameras, automatically configuring motion and other key events; it also enables installers to configure the most important settings for third-party cameras from a single user interface, without the hassle of having to access the websites of other camera manufacturers.

Overview of third party cameras integrated with BVMS

ONVIF event mapping files



To comply with complex IT requirements, BVMS allows customers to use all kinds of storage devices. Other than Bosch storage devices (DivarIP, DSA E-Series),devices from EMC and Dell are currently being tested. Other devices can also be used with a Microsoft Windows® based server as a storage gateway.

Overview of BVMS storage solutions