Building Integration System


The Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) is a software solution that manages different security subsystems like access control, video surveillance, fire, public address or intrusion systems on one single platform.

BIS offers a “tool box” to allow integration with 3rd party applications/subsystems via open standards (OPC, ONVIF, OSDP) and SDK. Our latest enhancement allows integration of most diverse 3rd party applications with our access control system, examples ranging from visitor management or identity management systems to time & attendance systems and automatic license plate recognition systems via an SDK.


BIS key benefits


Seamless integration

of all Bosch security subsystems


Ease of operation

with all relevant information in one single user interface


Fully embedded access control

providing crucial data with the highest availability through 3-tier-architecture


Full event log for post-event investigation

to comply with legal and company regulations


Future proof investment

let your system grow as your needs grow and profit from the latest technological updates