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Rethink video security

At Bosch we are dedicated to innovating security where you need it most.

We constantly push the boundaries of technology to develop intelligent solutions that reach further than today's security demands and deliver clear business advantages beyond security.

We believe that the logical next-step for security is to enable customers to start repurposing the huge amounts of video data. The ability to interpret video data directly at source helps to substantially improve levels of security, as well as offering clear business advantages.


Areas of expertise

Before we can rethink video security we need to ensure that excellence in video security and data management is given. This is why our intelligent portfolio is built around our areas of expertise. Delivering highest quality of relevant images, most efficient bitrates with lowest storage requirements and network strain, and keeping video data secure.

image quality

Providing effective surveillance over large areas and identifying objects at a great distance can be a challenge. As can providing detailed color images in low light levels or perfectly exposed images in scenes with a fluctuating front and back light. Bosch has it covered. Our innovative video security solutions include advanced technology features that guarantee the highest quality relevant images.

intelligent bitrate management

Rapid advances in technology are driving the video surveillance industry into the arena of Big Data. Higher resolutions, higher frame rates, excellent dynamic ranges and better light sensitivity are key to capturing images that can distinguish individuals or objects for irrefutable evidence - whatever the time of day or night. At Bosch, we use our expertise to deliver the most efficient bitrates with the lowest storage requirements and network strain - all without compromising the exceptional quality of our images.

data security

The security of your surveillance data is just as important as the people and premises you are safeguarding. Bosch achieves the highest standards with a 4-step approach that covers your entire network for end-to-end data security.


Become a Partner

Differentiate and enhance your selling proposition by partnering with us and accessing Bosch high – end products & technologies. Your benefits in partnering with us:

  • Access to leading technology
  • Leverage our areas of expertise

Depending on the membership level in the Integration Partner Program, you can enjoy additional benefits. More details about the benefits corresponding to each membership level you can read here.

  • Dedicated integration support & service *
  • Joint marketing activities *
  • Worldwide market access *
  • Support in business development *

Learn how Bosch Unique Selling Points are integrated with our Partners

Are you looking for an integrated solution for video systems?

Check the integration status of our partners below.

Image quality  
4K ultra HD X X X X
Starlight technology X X X X
Thermal technology X X X X
Extreme solutions X X X X
Intelligent bitrate management  
Intelligent streaming   X X  
Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) X X X X
H.265 X * X X  
Data storage Video Recording Manager        
Intelligence (Video Analytics) X X X X
Data Security X X    

*H265 will be supported by GENETEC by Q1/2018



Integrated Solution Partner
Transportation: License Plate Capture ISS
Protecting Critical Transport Infrastructure ISS
Turning video into vital intelligence ISS
End-to-end security Genetec
Protecting the everyday Genetec
Safety and security solutions for every business Milestone