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View our list of partners and find available solutions to a wide variety of applications with our interactive Solution Advisor tool. You can select various criteria per topic, including country, partner, application, feature and product. Multiple selections are possible by just clicking on more than one item.


Many people and many companies need to have a website, a software, a mobile application or other IT products. The customer often has a rough idea of the few essential functions but they imagines other 100. The developer, instead, he needs of a technically project precise and clear. If you have 100 vague ideas and other unclear needs, then you are asking to the developer, but especially to the

customer, an incredible effort that you can translate into hours and hours of meetings. Well, 1033 will be the best partner of all: customer and developer! We are not maddeningly technical but very concretes with the customer to clarify what are the essential functions, the main characteristics. Translating only this essence the developers can only be a PERFECT project! The customer invests only a little time and so do the developers!



2N® is a leading European company engaged in the development and manufacture of products in the field of ICT and physical security. The IP intercoms for door communication and emergency calls, IP public address systems and M2M products reflect the latest trends in the area of security. They are number one on the IP intercom market, complying with the most stringent international standards (ISO, TÜV, UL, CE).

AMAG Technology (G4S)

AMAG Technology offers intelligent networked access control and video management solutions scaled to manage security challenges from small, remote facilities to multi-national organizations located around the globe. AMAG’s Symmetry SMS and Visualizer Encoders can be custom designed to provide an integrated solution with any combination of access control, IP video, and intrusion.


ARTECO was founded in 1987 as an industrial electronics manufacturer which grew to a leading developer of motion control technology. This combination of industrial know-how and investment in video management has contributed to the creation of a superior video security product line with an exponential growth strategy. Now Arteco is a leader and market innovator in Video Event Management Software

(VEMS) with substantial Presence throughout the World.



ARVOO, founded in 1993, is an independent engineering company for electronics and embedded systems. We design and develop hardware and software for automated digital imaging and video processing systems. This ranges from ordinary components for image acquisition to complete image processing systems in high-end applications. In our products we constantly shift the borders of what is technically

possible, having the expertise of our engineers grow accordingly. Of course our customer relations are the first to benefit from our in-depth knowledge and long experience. ARVOO has a highly qualified team of engineers (BSc, MSc, PhD) continuously working on creating innovative products for extreme-performance demanding markets like the high-tech industry, traffic management and enforcement, medical industry, safety and security and defense industry. ARVOO combines broad and in-depth imaging processing knowledge together with long skillful experience.