Intrusion Alarm Systems


Intrusion Alarm Systems

Integrated security solutions pair our mid-commercial and large-commercial controls with industry leading access control, video management, PSIM, and building automation partners to ensure interoperability and ease of management.


Regional Product Certifications

  North America Latin America Europe Middle East Africa Asia Pacific China
G Series x x * x x * *
B Series x x * x x * *
MAP     x x x    
Solution Series           x x
CMS             x

*project specific application or in select countries within the region


G Series

G Series

Our integrated security solutions address the challenges users face every day. Intelligent control panels with more power and more capacity. Advanced communications solutions for flexibility and reliability. Keypads that are easier to use. Innovative detectors with superior false alarm immunity and catch performance. Combination intrusion and fire, access, IP video, and smart home integration all with one panel. Bosch provides the tools you need to create superior solutions for your customers.


B Series

B Series intrusion control panels

Secure people and property with the B Series from Bosch. These flexible systems fit a range of facility configurations—from retail stores and banks to schools, office buildings and more.


MAP (Modular Alarm Platform)

Modular Alarm Platform 5000

Mid size to large facilities like banks, research labs, office buildings, industrial sites, or museums with high security needs are the right applications for the Modular Alarm Platform 5000 intrusion alarm system.

The Modular Alarm Platform 5000 offers advanced technology, and yet it is very easy to operate and to integrate.

User friendly operation

On the one hand, a user-friendly operation is provided by the intuitive color touch screen user interface.

It can be configured quickly to fulfill different operational needs and to various user requirements. Thus users just see what they need to see to operate the system according to their individual rights and language.

Easy integration into management systems

On the other hand, the Modular Alarm Platform 5000 is a sustainable solution that can easily be integrated into existing building management systems through a standard IP interface.

To do so an OPC server solution is available.


Open Intrusion Interface (OII) as feature in firmware for the Modular Alarm Platform 5000

A release is now available offering an Open Intrusion Interface (OII) for all Modular Alarm Platform 5000 versions via the IP interface of the panel.


Intrusion Alarm Systems

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