Integrated Solutions Fire Systems


Integrated Solutions Fire Systems

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Are you are looking for an integrated solution for fire detection systems? Check the integration status of our partners and find out which solution is suitable for you.

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What do you need?

All you need is standard equipment to set up an integrated solution. Connect any kind of panel network to a Building Managements System using the OPC server or direct link. Ensure that your panel is equipped with the following:

• OPC License Key


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• Professional support before, during and after the integration phase

• Reduce your integration time and investment by using our resources

• Bosch tested and approved integration processes give you high system reliability

• Free-of-charge integration services

• State-of-the-art software tools

• Smooth integration regardless of different protocols

Integration of the Bosch Fire Detection System is quick and easy – just connect to any MS Windows-based BMS (Building Management System) via the Fire System Interface (FSI). Find out more about the FSI in our Tools section.