Access Control Systems


Integrated solution with Bosch APE and Milestone XProtect

Building on the strong base of video integration between Bosch and Milestone, this Elite partnership has expanded into the access control domain with the Bosch Access Professional Edition (APE) and Milestone XProtect plug-in.

The innovative Access Modular Controller (AMC) hardware administrated by Access Professional Edition (APE) software is field proven in thousands of enterprise-level access control applications including high level security projects. The powerful combination with Milestone XProtect covers integrated alarm management, video verification, map viewing, door handling and event viewing from one user interface. This server-based access control solution ensures proper search function and grouping capabilities for cardholders for more effective information management.


What do you need?

All you need are the Bosch APE base license, optionally supplemented with access reader expansion licenses, and the APE XProtect activation license. In addition you require the Bosch software APE 3.0 or a higher version and the APE XProtect Plug-in. These are free downloads which can be reached via the IPP Tool section after registration.

From Milestone you need a licensed and running Milestone XProtect system, licensed for access control.