IPP Demo Room


Concept of the Demo Room

To simplify the integration of Bosch IP cameras and encoders for our partners, we have established the demo room in Nuremberg, which provides access to our full camera and encoder portfolio.

The connection to the units in the IPP demo room is realized via a VPN tunnel.

Our VPN is realized with Cisco AnyConnect. Via the tunnel the partners receive direct and exclusive access to their booked cameras.


How to use the booking tool

- Select your prefered camera in the drop down list of our demoroom booking tool

- Look for a free time slot in our calendar and place your reservation by clicking the date.

- You can expand your reservation time via drag & drop.

- By clicking on your existing reservation you will find the login credentials for your reservated camera.



In case you have not yet received the VPN account credentials (username/password), please apply via: