Software House C•CURE-9000 v.2.20 Integration with Bosch Recorders page


What is it?

• The integration is designed to permit a Software House C-Cure 9000 user to add a Bosch IP Camera / Recorder to allow viewing of live and recording of H.264 video streams.

Version numbers:

• Software House C-Cure 9000 v. 2.20

• Bosch / SWH Integration v.

• Video SDK


- Recorders:

• Video Recording Manager v. 3.00

• Video Recording Manager v. 2.30

• Video Recording Manager v. 2.21

- Cameras:

• AutoDome JR HD (firmware v. 5.52)

• NDN-921 FlexiDomeHD 720p Camera (firmware v. 5.52)


- Cameras:

• All AutoDome, Dinion, FlexiDome and 200 Series cameras / encoders supporting v.4.54 or v.5.5x or later firmware including the MIC IP PSU and Extreme IP series cameras.

* See Readme for specifics

- Recorders:

• All IP recording devices supporting v.4.54 or v.5.5x or later firmware.

* See Readme for specifics

What is new?

• Integration to Software House C-Cure 9000 is now a full integration with Bosch camera devices.

Special notes:

• The Bosch Video Driver must be licensed by Software House and is ordered through the normal process by placing an order for CC9000-BOSCHVID (at Software House). The licensing team will then generate the license and provide it.

• Bosch and Software House have strategically partnered in an agreement to certify top-level devices. This means that while not explicitly stated, any IP camera within the families of IP cameras listed above will function properly when integrated with Software House C-Cure 9000. Support of these systems will go through Software House support structure, but may be escalated to Bosch support, depending on the complexity of the problem.




Downloads Description
Bosch_CCure Integration Bosch C•CURE 9000 Video Plug-in installer for C-Cure 9000 v2.20.
Supports VRM 2.21, VRM 2.30 & VRM 3.0.
Hot Fix Hot Fix 1.00.00 installer. Only for existing C•CURE 9000 v2.10 installation sites with Bosch C•CURE 9000 Video Plug-in version to support VRM 2.30 & VRM 3.0.