Lenel OnGuard 7.3 Bosch Recorders Integration Package 3.02.0001 with IVA support


What is it?

• The integration allows customers to see live and recorded video from Bosch recorders within OnGuard. It also allows alarms to be sent from the recorders and cameras to OnGuard, as well as allows for OnGuard alarms to trigger actions such as accelerated recording or PTZ cameras to jump to presets. New to this release is the ability to receive and act on any Bosch IVA alarm as well as see IVA overlays in the video window.

Version numbers:

• Lenel OnGuard v.7.3.345

• OnGuard 7.3 Bosch Video Recorder Accessory Add-On

• Bosch Integration Configurator v.2.00.0008

• Bosch VRM v.3.51 and v.3.60

• Bosch VideoSDK v.6.03.0259


- Recorders:

• Video Recording Manager (VRM) 3.60 and 3.51

• DIVAR IP 2000

• DIVAR IP 3000 with BVMS 7.0

• DIVAR IP 5000

• DIVAR IP 6000

• DIVAR IP 7000 with BVMS 7.0

• DIVAR AN 3000/5000 (FW v.2.3.4)


• All Bosch cameras (DINION, FLEXIDOME, AUTODOME, TYNION, MIC, EXTEGRA, etc.) and encoders compatible with VRM 3.60 based recorders.


• Immediately available via web download at the Lenel website (see link below)

Special notes:

• Bosch and Lenel have strategically partnered in an agreement to certify top-level devices. This means that while not explicitly stated, any IP camera within the families of IP cameras listed above will function properly when integrated with Lenel OnGuard. Support of these systems will go through Lenel support structure, but may be escalated to Bosch support, depending on the complexity of the problem.




Download versions Description
7.3_Accessory_Add-On_for_Bosch_Recorders.zip (ZIP, 33.84 MB) *Please consider the license agreement 7.3 Accessory Add-On for Bosch Recorders