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Lenel OnGuard 6.5 / Bosch Recorders Integration


What is it?

• The integration is designed to permit a Lenel OnGuard user to add a Bosch IP Camera / Recorder to allow viewing of live and recording of H.264 video streams.

Version numbers:

• Lenel OnGuard v.6.5 / Add-on v. 1.0.3

• Bosch / Lenel Integration v.2.00.1


- Cameras:

• NBN-455/498 Dinion Camera (firmware v. 4.54)

• NDN-455/498 FlexiDome Camera (firmware v. 4.54)

• NBN-921 DinionHD 720p Camera (firmware v. 4.54)

• NDN-921 FlexiDomeHD 720p Camera (firmware v. 4.54)

• NBN-832 DinionHD 1080p (firmware v5.00)

• NDN-832 FlexiDome HD 1080p (firmware v5.50)

• NEI-30 Dinion IP Infrared Imager (firmware v. 4.54)

• VOT-320 Thermal IP Camera (firmware v. 4.54)

• EX36-IP No-Grip Corner Mount Camera (firmware v. 4.10)

• NER-L2 Dinion Capture 5000 (firmware v.5.50) listed as ONVIF

• AutoDome Easy II IP (firmware v. 4.54)

• AutoDome JR HD (firmware v. 4.54) (including Remote Commissioning)

• AutoDome VG4 IP PTZ (v 4.54)

• AutoDome VG4 IP PTZ w/ Comms Module 2 (firmware v. 4.54)

• AutoDome VG5 (firmware v. 4.54)

• AutoDomeHD VG5 (firmware v. 4.54)

- Encoders:

• VIP X1 XF (firmware v. 5.50)

• VideoJet X10/X20/X40 (firmware v. 4.10)

• VideoJet X20/X40 XF (firmware v. 5.50)

• VIP X-1600 XF (firmware v. 5.50)

- Recorders:

• DHR-7xx Divar XF/700 Series (firmware 3.6)

• Bosch Recording Station version 8.9 (see below note)

• Video Recording Manager v. 2.21

- Advantage Line:

• NBC-225/NBC-255 IP Camera 200 Series (firmware v4.54) [5.50.0302]

• NDC-225/NDC-255 IP Dome Camera 200 Series (firmware v4.54) [5.50.0302]

• NTC-255 Infrared IP Bullet Camera (firmware v4.54) [5.50.0302]

• NBC-265 HD 720p IP Camera 200 Series (firmware v4.54) [5.50.0302]

• NDC-265 HD 720p IP Dome Camera 200 Series (firmware v4.54) [5.50.0302]

• NDC-274 (HD 1080p Indoor MicroDome Camera)


• All Dinion, FlexiDome and 200 Series cameras supporting v. 4.54 or v. 5.5x or later firmware

• All AutoDome cameras supporting v. 4.54 or v. 5.5x or later firmware


• Bosch Recording Station version 8.9 – due to issues found, this certification has been delayed

What is new?

• Integration to Lenel OnGuard is now an exhaustive integration with Bosch camera devices including HD.


• Immediately available via web download at the Lenel website (see link below)

Special notes:

• Bosch and Lenel have strategically partnered in an agreement to certify top-level devices. This means that while not explicitly stated, any IP camera within the families of IP cameras listed above will function properly when integrated with Lenel OnGuard. Support of these systems will go through Lenel support structure, but may be escalated to Bosch support, depending on the complexity of the problem.

Install notes:

• Immediately available via web download at the Lenel website (see link below)




Download versions Description
Bosch_Lenel Integration Package_1.11.00.zip v1 (SD - VSDK 4.x)
Bosch_Lenel Integration Package_2.00.00.zip v2 (HD - VSDK 5.x)