Bosch Camera Integration with LNVR 7.3 with Lenel OnGuard 7.3


What is it?

The integration is designed to permit a Lenel OnGuard user to add a Bosch IP Camera to allow viewing of live and recording of H.264 video streams. It allows end users to:

• View live and recorded video from the Bosch H264 Main Profile cameras

• Configure cameras’ resolution, frame rate, and bit rate from OnGuard

• Perform optical PTZ(move, iris, focus, zoom) on Bosch IP PTZ cameras

The integration also allows Receive SNMP traps from Bosch IP cameras for dry contact (input) state, relay (output) state, motion alarm, video alarms, video analytic alarms (Motion+) and temperature sensor alarms.

Version numbers:

• Lenel NVR v.7.3.127

• Lenel OnGuard v.7.3.345

Certified cameras:

• LNVR 7.3 Add-on for Bosch Camera Support v.



Downloads Description (ZIP, 49.33 kB) *Please consider the license agreement LNVR 7.3 Add-On for Bosch Camera Support v2.3.0.1