Bosch Camera Integration with LNVR 7.1 and Lenel OnGuard 2014 (7.0)


What is it?

The integration is designed to permit a Lenel OnGuard user to add a Bosch IP Camera to allow viewing of live and recording of H.264 video streams. It allows end users to:

• View live and recorded video from the Bosch H264 Main Profile cameras

• Configure cameras’ resolution, frame rate, and bit rate from OnGuard

• Perform optical PTZ(move, iris, focus, zoom) on Bosch IP PTZ cameras

The integration also allows Receive SNMP traps from Bosch IP cameras for dry contact (input) state, relay (output) state, motion alarm, video alarms, video analytic alarms (Motion+) and temperature sensor alarms.

Version numbers:

• Lenel NVR v.7.1

• Lenel NVR v.7.0

• Lenel OnGuard 2014 (v.7.0)

• Lenel OnGuard 2013 (v.6.6)

• Lenel OnGuard 2012 (v.6.5)

Certified cameras:

• LNVR 7.1 Add-on for Bosch camera Support 1.0.1

Camera Type Camera Model Firmware Version
Bosch Dinion 2X NBC-455 (Dinion) 5.73.0040
NBN-498 (Dinion 2x)
Bosch FlexiDome 2X NDC-455 (FlexiDome) 5.73.0040
NDN-498 (FlexiDome 2x)
Bosch Dinion Infrared NEI-30x (Dinion Infrared Imager) 5.73.0040
NER-L2Rx ( Dinion capture 5000 IP)
NEI-36x (No-Grip Corner Mount Camera) 4.15.0001
Bosch DinionHD 720p NBN-921 (Dinion HD 720p) 5.73.0040
NBC-265 (HD 720p IP Camera 200 Series)
NTC-265 (HD 720p IP Infrared IP Dome Camera)
NBN-40012-xx (DINION IP 4000 HD) 5.92.0090
NTI-40012-xx ( DINION IP bullet 4000 HD)
NPC-20012-xx ( TINYON IP 2000 HD)
Bosch FlexiDomeHD 720p NDN-921 (FlexiDome HD 720p) 5.73.0040
NDC-265 (HD 720p IP Dome Camera 200 Series)
NDN-265 (HD 720p Infrared IP Dome Camera)
NDN-40012-xx (FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 4000 HD) 5.92.0090
NDI-40012-xx (FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 4000 IR)
NIN-40012-xx (FLEXIDOME IP indoor 4000 HD)
NII-40012-xx (FLEXIDOME IP indoor 4000 IR)
NUC-20xx (FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000 HD)
Bosch DinionHD 1080p NBN-832 (DINION IP 7000 HD) 5.92.0090
NBN-71022 (DINION IP 7000 HD Hybrid)
NBN-932 (DINION IP dynamic 7000 HD)
NBN-71027 (DINION IP dynamic 7000 HD Hybrid)
NTI-50022 (DINION IP bullet 5000 HD )
NBN-50022 (DINION IP 5000 HD)
NAI-90022 (DINION IP imager 9000 HD)
NBN-80122 (DINION IP ultra 8000 12MP (1080p mode)) 5.91.0085
NBN-80052 (DINION IP starlight 8000 MP (1080p mode))
Bosch FlexiDomeHD 1080p NDN-832 (FLEXIDOME IP 7000 RD) 5.92.0090
NDN-932 (FLEXIDOME IP dynamic 7000 RD)
NIN-932 (FLEXIDOME IP dynamic 7000 VR)
NDC-274 (HD 1080p Indoor MicroDome Camera)
NUC-50022 (FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000 HD)
NUC-51022 (FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000 HD)
NDN-50022 (FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 5000 HD)
NDI-50022 (FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 5000 IR)
NIN-50022 (FLEXIDOME IP indoor 5000 HD)
NII-50022 (FLEXIDOME IP indoor 5000 IR)
Bosch AutoDome Easy II IP VEZ-2xx (AutoDome Easy II) 5.52.0026
Bosch AutoDome JR HD VJR-8xx (AutoDome Junior HD PTZ Camera) 5.73.0040
Bosch AutoDome JR HD Fixed VJR-F8xx (AutoDome Junior HD Fixed Camera) 5.73.0040
Bosch AutoDome VG4 VG4-1xx (AutoDome 100 Series PTZ IP Camera) 5.52.0026
VG4-2xx (AutoDome 200 Series PTZ IP Camera)
VG4-3xx (AutoDome 300 Series PTZ IP Camera)
VG4-5xx (AutoDome 500 Series PTZ IP Camera)
Bosch AutoDome VG5 VG5-7xx (AutoDome 700 Series IP PTZ Camera) 5.73.0040
VG5-70xx (AutoDome 7000 IP) 5.92.0090
Bosch AutoDomeHD VG5 VG5-8xx (AutoDome800 Series HD PTZ Camera) 5.73.0040
Bosch Dinion 2X VGA NBC-225 (200 Series VGA IP Camera) 5.73.0040
NBC-255 (200 Series VGA IP Camera )
NTC-255 (200 Series VGA D/N Infrared IP Bullet Camera)
NPC-20002 (TINYON IP 2000) 5.92.0090
Bosch FlexiDome 2X VGA NDC-225 (200 Series VGA IP Dome Camera) 5.73.0040
NDC-255 (200 Series VGA IP Dome Camera)
NUC-20002 (FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000) 5.92.0090
NUC-21002 (FLEXIDOME IP micro 2000)
Bosch Microdome 5 MP NDC-284-P (200 Series 5MP IP MicroDome Camera) 5.92.0090
NUC-50051 (FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000 MP)
NUC-51051 (FLEXIDOME IP micro 5000 MP)
NDN-50051 (FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 5000 MP)
NIN-50051 (FLEXIDOME IP indoor 5000 MP)
Bosch MIC IP PSU MIC-IP-PS (MIC IP Power Supply) 5.51.0045
MIC-IPIR-PS ( MIC IP IR Power Supply)
Bosch DinionHD 720p60 NBN-733 (DINION IP starlight 7000 HD 5.92.0090
NBN-71013 (DINION IP starlight 7000 HD Hybrid)
Bosch FlexiDomeHD 720p60 NDN-733 (FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 RD) 5.92.0090
NIN-733 (FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 VR)
Bosch AutoDomeHD 7000 1080p VG5-7220 (AUTODOME 7000 HD (1080p mode)) 5.92.0090
VG5-7230 (AUTODOME IP dynamic 7000 HD (1080p mode))
MIC-7230 (MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD (1080p mode))
Bosch AutoDomeHD 7000 720p VG5-7220 (AUTODOME 7000 HD (720p mode)) 5.92.0090
VG5-7130 (AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD)
VG5-7230 (AUTODOME IP dynamic 7000 HD (720p mode))
MIC-7130 (MIC IP starlight 7000 HD)
MIC-7230 (MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD (720p mode))
Bosch FlexiDomeHD Cropped NCN-90022-F1 (FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP) 5.92.0090
Bosch Dinion 5000 MP NBN-50051 (DINION IP 5000 MP) 5.92.0090


• Immediately available via web download at the Lenel website (see link below)




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